Morning Matsuri  朝の祭り

Not the way I usually spend a Sunday morning. But today was fun. 

My daughter and I joined other kids and parents in the neighbourhood in taking a short walk from a temple near our home to a shrine two kilometres away. Today’s wasn’t a long walk, but it was one made more challenging by having to carry a mikoshi, shouting “wasshoi” and tripping over the legs of the person in front as we meandered our way up a narrow road between rice fields to the shrine. 

It’s been years—about 12, in fact—since I carried a mikoshi, and memories of aching shoulders quickly came flooding back as I realized that with kids, you can’t raise the bar all the way to your shoulder unless you want to take all the weight! 

Never fancied myself as a power lifter anyway, I’m more of a long-distance runner!

Looking forward to the next time.