Inspiring view ー 感激な眺め

On my morning run today, I decided to tackle a hill near my house. My wife calls it a moun’ain in the Colorado dialect she learned while living there. As it’s about a 3-kilometre drive up winding roads to the top, I am beginning to think she might be right. I haven’t managed to run all the way to the top yet, but I will likely be dropping my t’s too,when I do. If I don’t keel over first. 


Today on the road ahead of me, I had to do a double take. I was expecting to see beautiful autumnal views. I wasn’t disappointed. 


But the biggest surprise was this man making his way up the hill. 

I struggled to run 1.5k uphill. It looked like this man was aiming for the top.


Today, I just said konnichiwa as I ran past him on one of the steep uphill curves. Fleetingly, I felt guilty as I went past. But then I thought, the kind of person who has one leg and climbs a moun’ain on crutches is not the type of person to wallow in pity or make excuses. 


What a cool and inspiring guy. I’m hoping I see him again so we can talk. 


Pics from my late afternoon run — 先ほどのランで撮った写真

It was a glorious day today and so I went for a late afternoon 12k run. Towards the end of the run, the moon popped his rather large head out!


Great concept for running with a watch

About a month ago, I received delivery of an item that I backed on Kickstarter. The item in question was something called the Shift by EdgeGear.

Basically, it’s a strap that allows you to keep your watch in a comfortable position on your hand rather than on your wrist while running. Ever tried to look at your watch while running? It’s hard to keep your rhythm while you lift your arm and if you’re like me, squint to see the numbers close-up after having been looking into the distance. This way, you don’t have to bring your arm right up to look at your time or other stats while running. You can stay in the flow. 

Although it seemed to take forever to actually receive the product (I’m sure I ordered it in late summer or early autumn 2015), once it finally came, I was thoroughly impressed. It was dead easy to take my Garmin Forerunner strap off and fit the Shift to it. They even sent tools with the strap and a link to a video on YouTube to walk me through it.

This endorsement is in no way solicited and I paid full price for the product. I’m posting this because I really love the product and recommend it to any runners I know. I’m looking forward to testing it out over full marathon distance when I run #kobemarathon next month. So far, so good!


来月の#神戸マラソン でシフトを付けて長い距離でも走るのも楽しみです

“Sports” Day?? – 体育の日

Today is a National Holiday in Japan. According to my calendar app, it is translated as Sports Day. I’m not really sure if 体育の日 (Taiiku no hi) really should be translated as Sports Day though. Taiiku is more accurately translated as physical education rather than the more general sports. But oh well, who am I to question the wisdom of Apple. They make far more money than me!

今日は体育の日です。iPhoneのカレンダーアプリによると英語で「Sports Day」だそうです。私にとっては、体育が「sports」より学科の「physical education」に訳する方が正しいか思うのですが、Appleは私よりずっと利益を取れる会社なので、本当は私から疑問できない立場かな!^_^

Anyway, here are some pics from today’s run. 


Signs of Autumn – 秋の兆し

Today was a little bit chilly—about 18 degrees when I started my morning run. The temperature was just the way I like it. If things carry on like this, I won’t have any excuses not to run. But who can blame me for not running in 35-degree heat?

Here are a few pics from today’s run. I particularly liked seeing the persimmon trees and the cosmos—a definite sign of Autumn!



Daily Activity Summary for March 7, 2016

Total steps: 11378
Floors climbed: 11
Calories burned: 2658
Elevation gained: 33.53 meters
Travelled: 8.53 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 807
Lightly active minutes: 236
Fairly active minutes: 17
Very active minutes: 38

March 7, 2016
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Daily Activity Summary for March 6, 2016

Total steps: 6915
Floors climbed: 5
Calories burned: 2443
Elevation gained: 15.24 meters
Travelled: 5.19 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 759
Lightly active minutes: 257
Fairly active minutes: 4
Very active minutes: 5

March 6, 2016
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Daily Activity Summary for March 4, 2016

Total steps: 7900
Floors climbed: 18
Calories burned: 2528
Elevation gained: 54.86 meters
Travelled: 5.93 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 787
Lightly active minutes: 303
Fairly active minutes: 0
Very active minutes: 0

March 4, 2016
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Daily Activity Summary for March 3, 2016

Total steps: 16427
Floors climbed: 35
Calories burned: 3098
Elevation gained: 106.68 meters
Travelled: 12.57 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 650
Lightly active minutes: 339
Fairly active minutes: 17
Very active minutes: 51

March 3, 2016
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Daily Activity Summary for March 2, 2016

Total steps: 7513
Floors climbed: 6
Calories burned: 2459
Elevation gained: 18.29 meters
Travelled: 6.11 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 799
Lightly active minutes: 233
Fairly active minutes: 1
Very active minutes: 12

March 2, 2016
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