My Manekineko is Broken!!




Who said cats always land on their feet? This one landed on its side. 

This morning, when I was taking my kids to nursery, my son pointed and commented about the Manekineko we have in our front hall. He accidentally brushed against it and I watched in slow motion as it fell off its cushion and down onto the floor below—smashing into pieces! 

I received the cat from a teacher colleague in Iwate whose children I had been teaching English to for a bit of extra cash. He and his family gave it to me when I left Iwate to take a consulting job in Tokyo in 2004.

My poor little boy was so sad when he knocked it over. I gave him a big hug and said “Not to worry!” It was a nice gift and lasted a long time. They say cats have nine lives, and 12 years for a precariously positioned porcelain cat is a long life.

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