Step goal achieved on June 04, 2015

I travelled 18.5605182238 kilometres, burned 1752.51 calories, and was active for 2h 37m.
– via IFTTT.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Run

Ran around the Imperial Palace for the first time in ages today. Actually, I ended up doing two-and-a-bit circuits for a total of just over 12k. 
I was supposed to meet friends in Jimbocho but had to finish off an important presentation at work for tomorrow. So I ended up running alone for most of it, while my two friends ran together.


Believe it or not, people were actually running around the Imperial Palace!!
It was a bit tiring to run right after work, but after a while I felt the benefit of doing an early evening run. Especially as I worked up quite a thirst. So when I finally caught up with my friends, we all went for a well deserved  chat over beers!