The Link Between Exercise and Earnings  – quoted from HBR The Daily Stat

An email I received today from Harvard Business Review: The Daily Stat made me sit up and take notice. I always feel revitalized after a run, and notice that I feel less ready to take on the world when I skip a run. But does this mean if I run a little harder, I’ll get a pay rise?

A study of data from thousands of people in the U.S. shows that self-reported engagement in vigorous exercise (running, aerobics, sports) at least three times a week is associated with higher wages: nearly 7% for men and even more for women, in comparison with the general population, says Vasilios D. Kosteas of Cleveland State University. Exercise has been linked to improved mental function, psychological well-being, and higher energy levels, all of which can result in increased productivity, Kosteas says.

SOURCE: The Effect of Exercise on Earnings: Evidence from the NLSY