2010-2015: Which days of the week do I run the most?

It was 9:45 pm on a Friday in 2010 (July 30th), when I started using Runkeeper to track my running activities. Since then, until the end of March 2015, I have run 611 activities. Which days do I run the most?

There are three ways to define “most”:

Number of activities: This refers to the number of different times run on a given day of the week.

Average distance: The average number of kilometres run on a given day of the week.

Total distance: Total kilometres run on a given day of the week.

Number of activities

There were very few runs in 2010, and even fewer in 2011.

In June 2012, after making a commitment in a classroom to run 30 minutes or 5 kilometres every weekday (Mon-Fri) morning, I got back into running.

The table below shows how in 2012, my runs were almost uniformly split Monday through to Friday. In fact, I ran 26 times on a Monday and a Friday; 25 on a Tuesday and Thursday; and 23 on a Wednesday.

My big year was 2013 – when I decided to run my first marathon in ten years. This meant a departure from running solely short distances on weekdays and a shift to runs of various lengths and tempos. Tuesdays and Thursday became by favoured days. The following year, Tuesdays were the clear frontrunner, while this year, I seem to prefer weekends and Wednesdays.

activties weekday table
Number of runs by weekday – years 2010-2015

Average Distance

Sundays are clearly big running days. I try to take advantage of not having to go to work, and get in longer runs in preparation for marathons. The Sunday figures do also include a few full marathons, which has the effect of pushing up the number. I am trying to emulate 2013 with a challenging target of 2015 kilometres. While I am not measuring the number of runs I make, it is clear that the fewer I do, the longer each run will have to be. Having only run 40 times this year, I will have to up the ante to make the target. If I maintain my higher average of 11.05km per run this year, I will have to run at least 182 times or about 3.5 times per week.

Average distance by weekday
Average distance by weekday

Total Distance

I ran further on Sundays in 2014 than any other day/period (405 kilometres). While the sheer number of activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 2013 contributed to total runs around 380 kilometres for each. A quarter of the way into 2015, with 9 activities covering nearly 177 kilometres, I hope to easily top that.

total dist weekday table


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